Violence against Women

This blog post has some very real things to say about the violence against women and the hurt and fear it creates.

So many of us have been abused. 1/3 women in the world have experienced abuse. That’s ridiculous! I am afraid often. I think the silence and shame is the worst part. We are often told that it is our fault and don’t say anything to those that can help us. Often those that should help us don’t.

But I am more than just the abuse. It has broken me, but I can be healed. I can still become myself. I am more than that. I am not worthless. I am not a thing. I am a person with a voice. All men are not evil in the same way all women are not evil. In fact I believe that there is goodness in everyone. Sometimes we just don’t choose to act out of the good. I will not perpetuate the evil and violence by acting out of my anger and brokenness. I will choose to love.


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